Leland Bassett

Leland has been a pioneer in the application of communication psychology [human communication sciences] and strategic planning to public relations, corporate communication and integrated strategic communication management for more than three decades. He has particular expertise in strategic communication analysis and design, consumer behavior, crisis management, organizational development, public policy development and issue management.

He introduced the nation’s first corporate strategic communication management department in the 1970s, designed and taught the nation’s first graduate strategic communication management curriculum at Michigan State University College of Communication Arts & Sciences in the 1980s, and co-founded the first commercial communication arts & sciences-based communication professional services firm in 1986. Bassett is active as a professional services practitioner, guest lecturer, platform speaker, skills seminar leader, and not-for-profit leader.

Tina Bassett

Tina Bassett has been widely recognized for her innovative and creative development of high-impact communication programs.
With a strong background in consumer marketing, advertising, promotions and public relations, she became Chief Communication Officer for the City of Detroit in the early 1980s.

Her extensive public policy and political experience ranges from local zoning issues to the nation’s largest redevelopment project, and from foreign protocol to coalition building for complex and controversial projects.

Bassett has designed, directed and produced award-winning films, video and multimedia presentations.
She is a frequent lecturer on creativity and high-impact communication concepts for universities and organizations.

Michelle Martinez-Bassett

Michelle specializes in developing digital strategies that fuse effective content with integrated marketing goals. She has extensive experience in digital communication management programs. Michelle began her career editing and managing regional and national business publications and their digital platforms, including serving as Editor-in-Chief of a nationally leading trade publication for heavy industry. Her international business experience from South America to northern Russia, and all across the USA, gives her a solid business perspective and advantage. Michelle also gives generously of her skills in community and arts organizations.

Eddie Baranek

Eddie brings a combination of education, training, experience and real-world practice in writing, publishing, production, performance and entertainment.

An accomplished musician and songwriter, Eddie has toured extensively with national and international bands in the U.S. and Europe.

Eddie was nominated for an Emmy in 2011 as songwriter for the theme of PBS’s Under The Radar Michigan, and was the Michigan Notable Book Award recipient in 2014 for Taken Alive: The Sights’ Rock and Roll Tour Diary.

A graduate of Wayne State University in English and American Studies, Eddie was Project Manager and Editorial Assistant for Wayne State University Press and Ridgeway Press.


Elaine M. Pearson

Elaine brings a proven track record of experience in management, analysis, budgeting, administrative systems and process design and control.

Elaine came to Bassett from the health care field, most recently McLaren Physician Partners where she managed executive office support, overall management and vendor relations, as well as daily problem solving and expediting physician’s urgent demands. Elaine also had a 23-year tenure at Henry Ford Health System, where she managed a $4.3 million budget for government, pharmaceutical and foundation grants.

Elaine earned a Bachelor of Science degree from Walsh College, and is known for her upbeat, positive outlook, and her love of riding her Harley-Davidson with her sister and friends.

Carolyn Lee

Carolyn brings extensive experience in C-suite management of administrative operations, tasks, and events for Fortune 100 companies.

Carolyn came to Bassett from the health care and law fields where she facilitated high-level meetings, executive scheduling, and drafted corporate financial and operations reports. Carolyn is known for her professionalism and keen attention to detail.

Carolyn earned her Bachelor’s of Science degree from Wayne State University and her Masters degree in Education from Central Michigan University.