We created and managed re-branding and re-positioning for a group of 39 auto dealers who had endured a series of earned media attacks.

We were hired in a nationally precedent setting first to use advertisings dollars for public relations and strategic planning.  We re-branded and re-positioned the group to great success.  We created a two track strategy of regional branding and individual store hometown branding.

Starting with “Wildflower Paintings” on major metro freeway entry points, the regional program grew into the dealers becoming the major summer event presenter ranging from the boat races on the river to one of the largest country music festivals in the region.

The flowers program was seen as green, environmentally friendly and a gift to commuters; unexpected from “car dealers” at that time.  The media went crazy with love for our car guys.

The earned media in one year alone from one of the summer events had a persuasion publicity value that exceeded $14 million and represented a massive increase online coverage and exposure.

The Strategic Communication Management Plan program became a national case study in the industry.  Working collaboratively with the national advertising agency, we moved the dealer group to the number one or number two sales positon in all car lines, representing 20 percent of their brand’s national sales.

Individual “micro-plans” were provided for the separate stores to tell their engagement and involvement stores to their communities.  Stories ranged from local charities to store openings.  We did the Strategic Communication Management Plan program for the successful opening of an 80,000 square foot dealer, then the largest in the nation.

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